Improving Quality of Life

Your Commitment to the Program

Please read the following terms for participating in the Head Start Program. We have a lot of demand for this program and it is important that those who are choosing to attend are able to be fully committed.

  • I am willing to explore ways of developing my emotional well-being, share my experiences, and to be there for others.
  • I understand a workbook will be provided and that I will be expected to track my experiences within.
  • I understand the fees for this program are covered by funds raised through the Babes4Breasts campaign, and that I am not expected to pay for the workshops or the group sessions.
  • I understand any services provided by OICC practitioners are not covered by the program.
  • I understand this is a teaching clinic and there may be students and/or other practitioners attending and participating in the session for learning purposes.
  • I understand that because this is a research facility, I will cooperate by filling out research questionnaires as part of this registration process, at the end of the program, as well as 3 months and 6 months post program, in order for the OICC to measure outcomes of the Head Start Program.
  • I understand that all information shared by the way of participants in the Head Start Program is confidential.

Please note, that before starting the program you will be asked to fill out a document which includes a health intake questionnaire, outcomes we are tracking to follow your health, and forms on policies, consent for care and privacy related issues.
Thank you for enrolling in this program; we have put a lot of thought into its creation and are delighted you can participate in this.