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An Open Letter on Intravenous Vitamin C

March 28, 2019.

Dear patients, physicians, press representatives and the public.

The clinicians and researchers at the Ottawa Integrative Cancer Centre (OICC) have closely followed the media attention given
to the use of intravenous vitamin C (IVC) therapy by patients with cancer. We are aware of Nathalie Prud’homme’s petition containing more than 120,000 signatures in support of patients wishing to access IVC therapy in Quebec. We are also aware of the recent attention given to Olivier Bernard (le Pharmachien) and his articles questioning the benefit of IVC. While we are not in agreement with all of Mr Bernard’s opinions, we are dismayed by and condemn all personal attacks and threats to anyone for expressing their opinion and perspectives on this subject. Rather, we welcome and encourage ongoing dialogue from all perspectives related to IVC therapy and its potential applications.

Through this open letter, we would like to offer our position and some context on the rationale, concerns and limitations of research regarding the use of IVC to help people better understand the issue. As a clinic that offers IVC therapy in select cases, we feel that we have the moral obligation to share this middle ground perspective that provides a balance between both sides of the debate.

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