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Ottawa Integrative Cancer Centre Launches French Website

A comprehensive online resource for patients, healthcare professionals and researchers interested in naturopathic cancer care.

The Ottawa Integrative Cancer Centre has unveiled a French version of the  website to serve an increasing number of Francophone patients interested in whole-person cancer care at the OICC.

The new French-language website is identical to the English site. 

To access the French version simply visit , or select “Français” at the top of any page on the English website.

“Patients, healthcare professionals and researchers are now able to access website content in their language of choice, including news and events, programs, research updates, and downloadable patient intake forms,” said Dugald Seely, ND, Founder & Executive Director of the OICC. “To ensure the OICC is continuing to deliver the best level of care and support possible for our patients, we believe it is important to provide the benefits of an OICC website in French.”

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