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OICC Introduces Intravenous Immune Boost For Family & Friends of Cancer Patients

Tis the season! With the warmth of summer quickly fading away and the familiar chill of fall/winter fast approaching, we are entering cold and flu season yet again.

While a sound diet, good hand washing practices, and certain herbal remedies can all go a long way in staving off illness, coming into contact with these viruses is practically unavoidable. While there are many things we can do to help prepare our immune systems to be on the offensive this season, there are several others that can actually weaken our immunity, making us more susceptible to illness. Among things like lack of sleep, poor diet, lack of exercise, and intake of harmful substances, two major immune depleting factors are nutritional deficiencies and stress.

At the OICC, we recognize that cancer affects not only the individual with the diagnosis, but the whole family unit (including close family members and friends). The stress of seeing a loved one battling cancer can take a toll on the body, rendering family members and friends weakened and depleted, less able to cope with their emotions and fight off viruses they may encounter. Out of our desire to help these family members and friends to better cope with the stress they are facing, and to arm individuals with a strong immune system during the upcoming cold and flu season, we are providing a new “Immune Boost” intravenous therapy that is now available at the OICC. This is a much shorter treatment than the intravenous vitamin C therapy, and takes approximately 30 minutes. Family members and friends of the OICC can book this treatment along with their loved one, allowing them to sit side by side while having their intravenous treatments together.

“Immune Boost” IV consists of calcium, magnesium, B vitamins, and several trace minerals

While all of these vitamins and minerals can be taken orally, absorption problems are common, resulting from such issues as: stress, poor diet, low stomach acid, medications (i.e. oral contraceptives, antacids, and antibiotics), the quality of the oral supplements, nutrients competing for absorption, and digestive disorders (i.e. IBS, celiac disease, Crohn’s disease, and ulcerative colitis). The “Immune Boost” IV bypasses the digestive tract allowing for higher than normal blood levels of the nutrients given, and an immediate response by the body. The IV formula provides nutrients that can support the body’s immune system, support the adrenal glands (heavily taxed when under stress),  increase energy, and even have positive effects on certain respiratory and mental health conditions. 

To book an assessment with our medical doctor to determine eligibility for this therapy, please contact our main office at 613-792-1222. 

Article by By Raina Cordell, Registered Nurse.

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