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Yoga Therapy

A cancer diagnosis can shatter “normal” life.  Life speeds up in a flurry of emotions and decisions, people to consult and treatments to get through.  We can get so stressed that we feel as though have left our body behind.  Yoga Therapy in one-on-one sessions can help return you to your body, and to stay present in your life.


What to expect from yoga therapy

Begin with the body, learn to listen deeply, acknowledge held experience, and follow the body toward healing.  You may be facing stressful decisions, fearing medical tests or wanting to gently detoxify from chemotherapy.  Or you may be ready to work with anxiety, fear or pain, in a compassionate and respectful way.

Yoga practice increases feelings of well-being and embodiment, while decreasing fatigue and inflammation. Ample time is spent in yoga therapy creating a mindful and restorative yoga and breath practice that suits your continuing and changing needs.  When times are challenging, yoga gives your body a voice.

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