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Clinical Nutrition

Our naturopathic doctors support patients with optimal dietary and nutrition advice, right from the point of diagnosis, during active treatment, and to help prevent recurrence.
Nutrition and the use of nutrient dense whole foods is a cornerstone of whole person cancer care and prevention. With appropriate dietary modification and natural health products the immune system can be enhanced, and the cancer itself can be addressed with fewer complications and side effects. 

What to expect from a nutritional consultation

Personalized nutritional support includes an anti-cancer diet that best fits your nutritional status and health needs. An assessment and adjustment of your current diet, along with specific natural health products that address digestive complaints, inflammation, immune function, hormonal imbalances, and stress levels will be a focus during your naturopathic visit. Our OICC nutritional resource materials will help you develop more informed food choices and create meal plans that promote health and prevent cancer.  Additional testing will be done if necessary.

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