Improving Quality of Life

Becoming a Patient

OICC welcomes patients at any stage of cancer or people wishing to prevent cancer

Those with a family history of cancer; at initial diagnosis; during active conventional treatment including chemotherapy, radiation and surgery; to prevent recurrence; and in advanced cases of metastasis.

Our goal is to improve quality of life at any stage, and, if possible, to extend life. New patients are welcome with or without a referral to see one of our naturopathic doctors and/or any of our therapists.

Orientation sessions

Come learn more about our not-for-profit cancer centre and the therapies we offer. Our free orientation sessions are open to cancer patients, family members, health care professionals, and the general public.

Sessions are held Mondays at 11:00 am and Thursdays at 4:00 pm. Running 30-40 minutes in length, these information sessions are led by an OICC care coordinator who will walk you through all of the therapies and services we have to help you. At the end of your orientation we can set you up with an initial consultation with one of our naturopathic doctors.

Please register online through our programs calendar, or call the front desk at 613-792-1222.

Booking an appointment

For those who wish to become a patient at the centre without first attending an orientation session, we invite you to call the front desk and request an initial assessment. The front desk will book you in and will request that you fill out the new patient forms found on our website. During your initial assessment you will be seen by a naturopathic doctor for 90 minutes, followed immediately thereafter with a 30 minute care coordinator consultation.

Patients return one week later for a 60 minute follow up with both the naturopathic doctor and the care coordinator to review and finalize your treatment plan.

Please Note: If you have a health care benefits plan these initial visits will be, in most cases, 80-100% covered. Many of our additional therapies are also covered under health care benefit plans.

To prepare for your initial consultation, please take a few minutes to watch our video which provides an introduction and overview of the OICC. Please see video below.

Watch the OICC video to prepare for your visit

The guiding role of our naturopathic doctors

At the OICC, we believe it is optimal for patients to be under the care of one of our naturopathic doctors (NDs). Our NDs act as primary caregivers, ensuring that all facets of a person’s health are being addressed. Through whole-person, patient-centred cancer care, our NDs guide and monitor each patient through the right complementary therapies at the right time.

Some patients come to the OICC with the intention of receiving specific therapies, and may not be interested in having one of our NDs as their primary caregiver. Under these circumstances, a care coordinator will ensure patient needs and wishes are met from a whole-person cancer care perspective. In most situations, however, the care coordinator will still refer the patient to one of our NDs for at least an initial consultation.