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Feb 01 2013

OICC Talks Natural Health Product Research at their First Café Scientifique

Posted in: Research, Education, Natural-Health-Products,

On January 29, the Ottawa Integrative Cancer Centre organized the first in a series of three Café Scientifiques they will host in 2013 focused on the use of complementary medicine in cancer care. This first one was "Vitamins, Minerals & Herbs for Cancer Care: Making Sense of the Research". A Café Scientifique is a forum where Canadians gather to talk openly about the latest research with experts in a field. Typically held at a coffee shop or pub, these event...

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Jan 18 2013

Restorative Yoga – A Balm for the Cancer Experience

Posted in: Exercises, Mind-body-medicine,

Cancer shatters. No matter what kind of cancer is diagnosed, no matter the stage or the prognosis, there is a full body realization that from this moment on, life will change. The practice of yoga acknowledges this shift, and supports the body on all levels through the transition (or transformation) that cancer can create. For a newly diagnosed cancer patient, life in the early stages can be notoriously confusing and busy. There are so many appointments to make, so many he...

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