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Feb 21 2018

Myth: Massage therapy is not safe while living with cancer

Posted in: Tips, Complementary-cancer-care,

Myth: Massage therapy is not safe while living with cancer. By Janet Penny, RMT. This long held myth is tenacious and often on the minds of people who are looking for the many benefits that massage can bring to living with cancer.  This myth was based on the fear that massage would accelerate the transportation of cancer cells through the circulation of blood and lymph. Exercise is routinely recommended by oncologists to help manage fatigue, anxiety and the physic...

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Dec 20 2017

The Skill of Receiving

Posted in: Tips, Mind-body-medicine,

The Skill of Receiving. By Anne Pitman, OICC Yoga Therapist & Care Coordinator. It is better to give than to receive.  At holiday time, we hear this repeated over and over.  From Scrooge to the Grinch, we have learned to accept that the benefits of gifting are all in the act of giving. But what about receiving?  Is it only selfish, greedy and entitled? Although it doesn’t have nearly the same reputation, receiving is actually an important sk...

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Aug 10 2017

Probing the World of Probiotics: Interview with an Expert

Posted in: Tips, Research,

Probing the World of Probiotics: An interview with Dr. Mary Scourboutakos, PhD.           Interview by Dr. Julie Ennis, PhD, OICC Research Fellow. With a growing understanding of just how large, diverse and important the populations of bacteria living within the human body are, research into how we can alter the microbiome and what potential health benefits this may have is exploding.  The potential for diet to impact t...

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Jun 16 2017

Massage Therapy for Gardeners

Posted in: Tips,

Massage Therapy for Gardeners. By Janet Penny, RMT. How you can you tell a truly dedicated gardener?  A beautiful flower garden or productive vegetable patch are the usual signs. The other sure sign is that even when living with cancer or helping a loved one who is undergoing treatment, gardeners can't keep away from the dirt. Through the fatigue and worry is the desire to create something beautiful. The hard work can take its toll. Leaning, torquing to the rig...

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Feb 26 2017

Navigating the world of complementary and alternative healthcare information

Posted in: Tips,

    Navigating the world of complementary and alternative healthcare information. By Dr. Ellen McDonell, ND. The internet, television and bookstore host a wealth of health information. Recently, there has been a boom in documentaries, books and blogs on the topic of complementary and alternative medicine for cancer. While some are well written and appropriately researched, others misrepresent information and can lead patients to make potentially dangerou...

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Feb 24 2017

Fats, Flora and Fitness: Positive ways to enhance your heart health

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Fats, Flora and Fitness: Positive ways to enhance your heart health. By Dr. Gillian Flower, ND. Get some insight into current perspectives on dietary factors in cardiovascular disease, and read the facts on flora. Treat your heart to some exercise, and find out if wearable technology is a fit for you. The last decade has seen a revolution in our understanding of cardiac health. Perspectives on dietary saturated fats are shifting, awareness of the role of gut flo...

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