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Aug 10 2017

Probing the World of Probiotics: Interview with an Expert

Posted in: Tips, Research,

Probing the World of Probiotics: An interview with Dr. Mary Scourboutakos, PhD.           Interview by Dr. Julie Ennis, PhD, OICC Research Fellow. With a growing understanding of just how large, diverse and important the populations of bacteria living within the human body are, research into how we can alter the microbiome and what potential health benefits this may have is exploding.  The potential for diet to impact t...

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Jul 17 2017

Reflexology and Cancer

Posted in: Mind-body-medicine,

Reflexology and Cancer. By Kymberli Roberts, Reflexology Therapist. People often wonder how Reflexology can help those living with cancer. For most of us, Reflexology is often thought of as a really great foot massage with relaxing benefits. While that is completely true, Reflexology is more than just a foot massage. Based on the principle that reflex points are located on each foot that map to specific areas of the body, Reflexology has the ability to improve circ...

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Jun 16 2017

Massage Therapy for Gardeners

Posted in: Tips,

Massage Therapy for Gardeners. By Janet Penny, RMT. How you can you tell a truly dedicated gardener?  A beautiful flower garden or productive vegetable patch are the usual signs. The other sure sign is that even when living with cancer or helping a loved one who is undergoing treatment, gardeners can't keep away from the dirt. Through the fatigue and worry is the desire to create something beautiful. The hard work can take its toll. Leaning, torquing to the rig...

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May 25 2017

Seely Siblings Run to Support Integrative Patient Centered Cancer Care at the OICC

Posted in: Fundraising,

Seely Siblings Run to Support Integrative Patient Centered Cancer Care at the OICC at Tamarack Race Weekend! By Heidi Vincent. This year Drs. Jean, Alison and Dugald Seely are running in the Scotia Bank Challenge to support the OICC Foundation in its first year of existence. They are drawn together in this by a desire to run, be healthy and to support integrative cancer care for the Ottawa region. The Ottawa Integrative Cancer Centre is focused on delivering patie...

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May 18 2017

Join Dr. Alex Keller, ND & Keller Active Health in the Scotiabank Charity Challenge at Tamarack Race Weekend!

Posted in: Fundraising,

Photo: Rachel Gill Photography Join Dr. Alex Keller, ND & the Keller Active Health Team in the Scotiabank Charity Challenge at Tamarack Race Weekend! I heard about the OICC while I was studying naturopathic medicine at the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine (CCNM) in Toronto. In fact, I watched as it was conceived and then born, starting as an idea and then eventually becoming a reality! Since then, I’ve maintained a keen interest in its ...

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May 17 2017

Be inspired by Brian as he finishes chemo. Sponsor his walk!

Posted in: Fundraising,

    Be Inspired by Brian! Sponsor Brian's walk in the Scotiabank Charity Challenge during Tamarack Race Weekend - May 27th! What is my reason for participating in this year's Ottawa Race Weekend? I will have completed my chemotherapy treatments in mid May. This is my way to celebrate both the end of treatment and the next steps in my journey. SPONSOR BRIAN HERE!  How long have you been coming to the OICC? October 2016, two months after being diagno...

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